Make your configuratordelightful.

Any media, any resolution, anywhere.
Fotorealistic and fast.

VRCM not only simplifies and speeds up your product visualizations for marketing, the press and the web, but also provides you with a fully fledged photo-realistic 3D configurator. It not only generates images, but also a fully customized product catalog on-demand or 360° VR camera animations. Using a new deployment process, the solution can easily be launched and interconnected with existing systems (e.g. DMS), scalable in the cloud, as well as directly at the dealership.

VRCM incorporates all the requirements of your respective applications and offers complete customization possibilities to your visual language and CI. And the solution is compatible with any game engine and commodity hardware.

VRCM is compatible with any VR device – thus giving you the flexibility to use whatever suits you best.

Smart analytics for configurations and customer convenience.

Autocrat is the intelligent BigData solution which simplifies product and configuration data. It prevents bothersome interruptions in configuring a vehicle. Autocrat facilitates an upselling strategy relevant to the market and optimized for marginal return. Linking product data, real-time data from the configurator and historical data, this solution also makes customer behavior predictive.

Digital data intelligence algorithm.

Parasight solves problems with respect to product correctness, buildability, product value build-up, and life cycle — significantly reducing time-to-market.

Designed as a machine learning software, the solution grows more intelligent the longer it is used, and automates complex data processing and quality assurance processes in modeling and creating derivatives — helping you saving a lot of valuable budgets.


Founded in 2015 and based in Berlin, Rocket Data Intelligence is the only software solutions company with a holistic combination of the CAD/CAM, VFX, VR and game industries. We create, develop and design innovative solutions focusing on digital retail, VR and high-end-visualizations. In addition, we are very experienced with automotive processes and requirements and develop unique digitalization software for the automotive industry.

We solve problems in generating and preparing data, as well as their quality assurance, providing scalable and affordable configurations for the OEM and retail/POS. Our digital approach is connected in such a way that all important data give business insights for various stakeholders.

Jobs at ROCKET Data Intelligence

Not just a place to work, but a place to really get involved and grow.
ROCKET Data Intelligence is always looking for talent and experience. If you are interested in working with our team on highly challenging projects we look forward to receiving your application.

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